Wavelab elements 10- shortcut for silence generator

Is there any possible way to make a shortcut for silence generation “as selection” in wavelab 10 elements ? Any trick will save my time a lot.


Key command in OS X is cmd + backspace
on Windows don’t know but I think you can change this under
File > Preferences > Shortcuts

regards S-EH

Ok. I think I couldn’t explain properly. I mean is there any possible way to do it without seeing the dialog window. Because I want to use my mouse button for giving silence directly (Not using “apply” button on silence generator window). In pro version it is possible i think but in elements i couldn’t find any solution.

select in audio and use backspace key…
to mute selection, very fast

regards S-EH

It is not working. Shortcut (backspace now) can only open the silence generator dialog box, then I need to still press apply button on that. However, thanks for your time mate.

Yes. Save a preset with a shortcut. You can also select a preset without opening the dialog. See: