WaveLab Elements 10 with PioneerDJ DJM-900nxs2


Just upgraded to WaveLab Elements 10 and realized that Windows MME drivers are no longer supported. No problem I assumed as the PioneerDJ DLM-900nxs2 Mixer I am using for audio playback got ASIO drivers. Unfortunately those doesn’t seem to work. When selecting them in the AUdio setup from WaveLab Elements all seem to be fine but when starting the playback, there is no audio. Playback stops after a milli second or so.
Using the Generic ASIO driver coming with WaveLab works fine.

Does anyone has advise? Do I need to do additional configuration or maybe troubleshoot?

All help is welcome.


Using the Generic ASIO driver coming with WaveLab works fine.

So, what is the problem?

I was wondering if the provided original driver should work as well. I am not a technical expert and don’t know if the generic driver is more a work around or a full support.

From your question I assume, I should not have any downside by using the generic driver?


Nothing wrong with the generic driver. This is what you should use when the audio device manufacturer does not provide a specific ASIO driver.

thanks for your feedback. I’m ok to use the generic ASIO driver. I was just curious as the Mixer comes with ASIO drivers but they don’t work with WaveLab Elements. I was under the impression that it should. Anyway… I will check with PioneerDJ as it is their driver which doesn’t seem to be fully compatible.