WaveLab Elements 11 - No sound on playback

Hey. I have a brand new MacBook Pro and latest version of WaveLab. I have followed other threads here. On playback I don’t get any sound.

I went to preferences > Audio Connections and made sure that the built in audio is selected. It does show the outputs correctly the way the solution had been described elsewhere. I can’t get any sound. Latest drivers on the machine, restarted several times.

The same occurs when I use my external sound card. No sound.

Please help, this software is unable for me and I have spent hours on this most basic of issues. Thank you so much!

Go to your audio midi setup in your utility folder and make sure your current audio setup is correct. Took me a while to figure this out. Best of luck!

I just figured out that I needed to change the internal processing in WaveLab to 32bit from 64bit. Now it works. Strange that the default doesn’t work, Hmmm.