Wavelab Elements 11 not running on M1 Mac [SOLVED]

Hi to all. First of all i am working with Steinberg Software since 1989. In the meantime of course changed a lot in my workflow. Actually i am on M1 Macbook Air Big Sur 11.6.3 and try to run Wavelab Elements 11 since i bought it 3 weeks ago. I had contact to the support - nice people - but after sending them numerous amount of crashlogs for the developers have heard nothing. 2 weeks ago.

Wavelab Elements 11 starts but when i go anywhere in to the menu it crashes. I reinstalled, i dd the trick with erasing the preferences and lastly i uninstalled it completely according the manual on Steinberg website. After new install - the same crash.

I am running Steinberg Cubase Elements, Pro Tools 2021.12, Logic, Studio One - all the newest Drivers, and look daily to update the Plugins. Everything is working perfect. Very fast, no crashes - except WL Elements 11. I also reinstalled WL 10 Elements. It crashes too. Wavelab Elements crashes when i start i t on a new user account.

I am helpless. I think i tried everything to get it work. But it won’t. Any help appreciated.

Are you able to post the crash report here? I haven’t done any serious work with WaveLab Elements 11 on my M1 but it does function and doesn’t crash when I do basic things.

I have done serious work with WaveLab Pro 11 on the M1 and it also doesn’t crash or have any issues that I experienced.

I wonder if you also need to update the eLicenser app?

Hi Justin_P,
thanks for your reply- My e-licenser is version and gets updated via Steinberg Download-Manager constantly.

You will find my latest crash reports attached
WaveLab Elements 11_2022-02-02-075219_MacBook-Air.crash (105.2 KB)
WaveLab Elements 11_2022-02-01-225733_MacBook-Air.crash (104.8 KB)


I Just updated e-licenser to Otherwise no changes. Unfortunately Wavelab still crashes.


Interesting, maybe @PG1 can analyze the crash reports and see what’s going on here.

Do you have the chance to move the license to a physical dongle?
On Windows, this procedure could solve a similar problem in the past, for some rare happening cases.
I admit we did not have the same case on Apple hardware so far, but the M1 is still not common.
Hence that would be worth the try.

Hi Justin_P and PG1. Switching to a physical dongle is not possible because of ports lack and no Licenser here to try. Should be fixed anyway, because of changing licensing system :slight_smile:


Try this:
Use the Steinberg Download Assistant to install WaveLab Elements again.
If the Steinberg Download Assistant tells the version is already downloaded, then delete this installer.
Download and install again.
Does it work now? If not, please attach the crash log.

Doesn’t work. Downloaded from Download Assistent and installed. Satrtet pointed the mouse to File open - crash.
WaveLab Elements 11_2022-02-02-161147_MacBook-Air.crash (106.0 KB)

Thanks for the file: I confirm you should try with a physical dongle. Use a USB hub.
Sorry, but that’s the only solution I see. This is the first-ever such report on a Mac M1.

It is no way an option for me to buy a licenser, try if it works. Maybe i can delete the soft e-licenser and install and install a new one?


Request the official tech support for this.

After uninstalling my e-licenser and installed a new one it works like a charm. Thank you for your analysis that error came from licenser.

Good that there is no need for a hardware dongle.

Best and thanks also to Justin

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