Wavelab elements 7 limitation

I trialed the full wavelab 7,
created some sessions with red cd markers, burnt cds and was quite satisfied. I hunted all over here to see whether i could do the same in elements if i bought it, nothing said i couldn’t. In fact everything suggested i could. But i don’t seem to be able to!!
Please can someone advise me. I bought it as a direct download from steinberg. do i need to get a refund and buy the full version or am i missing something? I feel like the wools been pulled over my eyes… :open_mouth:

maybe i should be a bit more specific…
in a montage window created in the full version, when opened in elements i can’t add red track markers for cd burning. when i try to burn the original montages created i get error messages like track 6 must be more than 4 seconds, when in the marker window the track appears to be more than 2 mins? all the red markers are here and it looks just as it did in the trial version (aside from a slight transport difference from the 7.1 update).

A Montage open with the full version of WaveLab, is not meant to be opened with WaveLab Elements. It won’t work properly.
In WaveLab Elements, there is no CD track marker. Instead, each clip is a CD Track. Actually, this is simpler to make a CD with WaveLab Elements, but there are less options of course.