Wavelab Elements 7 registration

I puchased WL Elements 7 for use on my laptop. I have currently installed it on one of my two laptops. Can I install the software on my second laptop? I am the only user of these laptops. Each laptop is configured for slightly different main functions as well as being backups for each other if I have issues (no… not Windows!!!..). Sure would be nice to be able to install WLE7 on the second laptop without having to purchase another copy - especially since I am the only user. Not trying to be a crook here - just an honest user.

You can request re-activation through your MySteinberg account (takes just a few clicks), you will be asked to insert the old activation code and the number of your eLicenser. You will be given a NEW activation code, copy this in the eLicenser. Do not forget to eliminate the other copy from your second laptop, otherwise you won’t respect Steinberger’s EULA.
Or, you can put the license on a Steinberg KEY, and run the program on both machines…