WaveLab Elements 7 won't open certain files

I was messing around with WaveLab with a few audio files, nothing unusual. I stopped, and went back to them later, except they wont open anymore, none of them. If I try to open them, nothing happens. They’re not open already, or anything like that. I’ve tried restarting WaveLab several times, checking task manager in case WaveLab isn’t quitting properly, and playing the audio files in VLC, which worked.

Something notable about these audio files is that they’re all WAVs with a low sample rate (22,050 Hz, 16-bit Stereo) and many players refuse to play them, but if they worked once before, why would it not work again? Also, why does it not give an error message? WaveLab literally does nothing at all. Every time I open one, close it and try to open it again, it wont open. I am using WaveLab Elements 7.2.1 (build 600) 64-bit.