Wavelab Elements 8 30% off offer

I was looking to take advantage of the 30% discount but realise this short-lived offer has now finished and accept.

So why haven’t Steinberg removed this from their home page? All it does is vex customers!

ye I’m with you. complained about this before, someone agreed I was just being pedantic.
IMO Kinda reflects on the companies attitude to organisation and being on on top of things. not a good image.

If you wanna be on top of such offers, just subscribe to the Steinberg RSS-feed. Now this offer is just part of the news section that has more time-limited offerings from the past. And it’s very clear from the text that it is only valid for the mentioned 3 specific days. I see nothing there showing a Steinberg ‘attitude’ whatsoever.

Yeah tex I’m with you 100%, whilst it’s not major problem, it doesn’t reflect well on the company’s organisational skills and should have been deleted when the offer ended. In a way I bet they’re glad to have created a talking point about what is probably a ‘slow burning’ piece of software. I only considered it because it was cheaper - a luxury I can live without. I have used the full program a few years ago and it is convenient (for editing purposes) but not compulsory for me,

It was brought to my attention when a colleague stumbled across it and asked for my advice. This person is not a current Steinberg customer (and subsequently still isn’t – business lost) and could hardly have been expected to be watching the RSS feed of a company of whom she wasn’t yet a customer. The web page advertising it should be more clearly marked as expired.

Fair point.