WaveLab Elements 8 Montage error lock up dvd/bruner/fix

Hi’ :smiley: I just got WL8E it work until montage :frowning: . start write cd ; stops
top2 bars 0% montage reading bar stays at 100%
time elapse running
then error during audio record messages
DVD/CD/locks up
shutdown restart to unlock :astonished:

updated MB chip set now works! :wink:

Win8 can changing chip set had to reinstall on one system

That good start good session good shutdown thing in OS’s

I like WL8E :nerd:

syst’ tec
ex BC eng’
DMS;DS;syst tec. world wide custom computer l

we like we used we play: Have fun not problem :mrgreen:

win8pro64 asus990fx;amd8150;ssd;99fx also updated chip set needed.

That must be the most cryptic post I’ve seen in a long time! But from the smilies I take it you had a problem and now it’s solved. Good! :sunglasses: