WaveLab Elements 8 not recognizing Steinberg MP3 encoder

Wondering if anyone has purchased the MP3 encoder upgrade and not have Cubase or WaveLab Elements 8 recognize the encoder.

I’ve upgraded to WaveLab Elements 8 recently and just encountered a limitation on exporting files to MP3 file format. I never had that issue with WaveLab Elements 7.
So I followed the software recommendation to purchase the Steinberg MP3 Encoder. I purchased, downloaded, installed the encoder software and updated the license. Unfortunately, WLE 8 does not recognize the software. It keeps coming up with the message that I’ve exceeded the 20 usages and need to purchase the encoder. I’ve restarted WLE8, restarted the computer, and even tried to export to an MP3 file from Cubase 7.5, and it still says I can’t ‘save’ unless I’ve paid. (sounds like a Monty Python skit! and I’m always up for a good argument!!)
I’ve reached out to Steinberg for assistance, but it’s only been several days, so don’t expect any fast turnaround. I did notice that there is a soft-license that shows the limited usage, as well as the new USB license that I just purchased. Wondering if they could be conflicting with each other.
At least I got the invoice says that I’ve paid for the encoder. Now I just need Cubase 7.5 and WLE 8 to recognize the software.

Looking for some good advice

Steinberg responded and all it took was to download and install the latest eLCC from http://www.elicenser.net/en/latest_downloads.html. Works now!


I’ve got the same problem.
But even with the link and install the eLicenser it doesn’t work.

I am having the same issue - I purchased the mp3 encoder and have tried the download, but nothing happens. I need to be able to convert my wav file to mp3 in order to send it to others, but WaveLab Elements won’t let me save it as an mp3. I’ve also tried doing maintenance on the eLicenser, but that still doesn’t help me. I’m desperate for some help since it is the weekend and I’m leaving town tomorrow.

What I found was once you can see the e-Licence in the eLCC you need to activate it using the code that Steinberg sent to you via e-Mail, as part of the download. It’'s in plain font.
Steinberg, please put a search on your main .net website and have this in the FAQs.
To be honest we all expect exporting to MP3 to be part of the standard suite of tools in Wavelab Elements, or others. So please make this is easy to find (purchase plus instructions) as possible.