WaveLab elements 8 PQ code

Hi, I’m new to mastering and I am trying to export the PQ code to a txt file in WaveLab elements 8. I have the trial version and can’t figure out how to save the PQ code to a txt file.

Thank you.

This is only possible in WaveLab.

Thank you

Hi, I downloaded the wave lab 8 trial and bought a usb elicenser. Can’t figure out how to make it work with the trial version that I have. Were can I get the trial license? I looked all over on stein berg site and cannot find anything on how to activate the trial version. The only statement that I can find is that you need to have a usb licenser to be able to use the wavelab 8 trial version.

thank you

To download the trial you must have gotten an email with the download link. Isn’t there also an activation code included in the email? If so, you just have to enter it into the eLicenser software (make sure to have the lastest version installed). If not, I guess you’ll have to contact support…