Wavelab Elements 8 vs. Cubase 7.5 inbuilt audio sample edito

Has any one compared the differences and functionality of Wavelab Elements 8 compared to Cubase 7.5 own inbuilt audio sample editor.
I am a complete naïve novice with Cubase 7.5 and sequencing etc. I have some audio samples that I want to clean up etc, and I was a bit gutted that I missed the Steinberg discount price offering 30% off Wavelab Elements 8, but now this morning I have seen that within Cubase there is an audio sample editor, I’m wondering if the two programs are much the same, or does Wavelab Elements have more functions etc.

Does any one know?

Hi there!

I have both Cubase 7.5 and Wavelab 8 and Wavelab has way more editing functionality then the included Cubase wave editor.
Still the included audio editor in Cubase are very powerful. I would say one of the most powerful edit capabilities on all professional DAWs.

Wavelab give you further audio editing , audio analyzing and audiofiles managment. Its also an audio editor in full native x64 so it will work with all your installed x64 plugins. Like so many else I only have the x64versions of my plugins installed on my computer. No 32bit versions.
So example Soundforge that are still only in x32 can only use x32 plugins. Also if you compare Soundforge with Wavelab, Wavelab Elements 8 has even more functionality then the latest full-version of Soundforge.

So no brainer if you need a great audio-editor. Wavelab are the best choice on all counts!

Best regards

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Ok thanks Freedie