Wavelab Elements 9.1-Envelope bugs

Has anyone else experienced this? :

  • The envelope drop-down contains three selections - Hide all, Volume Fades and Pan. Switching between them has no effect on the clip display unless you click somewhere else first (ie between clips or on another clip.) Then it changes.


  • The Pan Law reverts to Channel Damp (0 db) upon reopening a Montage, not the setting you left it at.

I confirm. This needs to be fixed. It’s only in Elements.

Okay, thanks PG. Is this forwarded to the programmers? I don’t see an Issues subforum to report like there is for Cubase.

I program WaveLab, and this is already fixed for next update 9.5.40

That’s great, but aren’t you supporting v9 anymore? It’s only at 9.1. 9.5 is an upgrade that won’t run on my system. (I bought it, but it’s going to have to wait for the new Mac Pros)

Sorry, WaveLab 9.1 versions are no longer updated.