wavelab elements 9.5 Now activated. I'd selected the wrong upgrade. [resolved]

Unable to activate Wavelab Elements 9.5 with activation code after install. (Windows 10)

So, I bought version 9.5 ele today and after five hours of trouble shooting I was unable to get it up and running.

The activation code checks out OK and recognises it as a valid Wavelab Elements 9.5 license with all the details in the box but when I click continue…I get a big white close in a red background with “No license To Upgrade Selectable”

The upgrade license button is not available.

The Upgradable Licenses and the Soft-eLicenser (SeL) eLicensers are both faded and a No entry symbol covers the SeL. The Licenses listed (MP3 Encoder and Wavelab Elements 9) are also covered with no entry symbols (line through a red circle)

One thing I’ve noticed with Wavelab is that it doesn’t end up in the list of “Programs & Features” installed in Windows unless you seek out the .msi file and run that. Bit of a pain when you cannot uninstall from windows cleanly. If you use the Wavelab installer it does not install into windows programs & features which makes me wonder if it isn’t integrated properly. This has been the case since version 9.x.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone else had contacted Steinberg and got a solution yet? I seems like it needs the usb dongle even though that isn’t a requirement for the purchase.

eLicenser is latest version and fortunately ver 9.1 still works.

Did you let the eLicenser Control Center run Maintenance Tasks before trying to upgrade?

I just need to be sure that I understand what you have written…

Key -
WLE = Wavelab Elements
ECC = eLicenser Control Centre

Do you mean…Before installing or downloading WLE 9.5 I should run maintenance tasks in the ECC?
Or do you mean run maintenance tasks before upgrading the ECC to the latest version?
Or, do you mean run maintenance tasks before upgrading the WLE install AND before the ECC upgrade?

I appreciate your input RTp. If you are suggesting that I return to the previous version of the ECC, run the maintenance tasks and then upgrade the ECC software…then no I didn’t. Is the process that dependent on the maintenance task?


Still cannot enter new product activation code, for Wavelab Elements version 9.5, into eLicenser Control Centre.

Just updated mySupport #67740

latest eLCC installed. (Check)
Maintenance tasks run with no errors. (Check)
Installed all software with Administrator account. (Check)
Restored Windows to earlier point and ran the whole process of installation again. (Check)
Still able to use WLE 9.1 with no activation issues?
Ran Maintenance Tasks pre update. (Check)

Can anyone assist please?


would it be possible that you have WaveLab Elements 9 running while you are trying to update the license? That could explain the greyed out Soft-eLicenser.

All the best,

If only it were that simple.
It’s kind of you to at least try and help.
I have tried entering code using eLcc & of course when the software (wle 9.5) is run the activation message informs me that it is not activated and asks me to enter the code. Cannot have the two running together or a message informs that elcc is running and needs to be closed.
Thank you Luis.

Hi gongsoundsgood,

have you already opened a support ticket? If so, please give me the ticket number and I’ll ask someone to get back to you soon.


Hello Luis
I did yes, thanks.

Today’s biggest Wally award goes to…Me!
I downloaded the wrong upgrade. I selected the one from all LE versions not the upgrade from Elements 9.

Easily done though. Downloaded the correct one now, all sorted. Code Activated, software running. Thanks to Alessandro Anatrini.