Wavelab Elements 9.5 Upgrade from LE7

Hi all,

after waiting for a response from the Steinberg support for 9 days now (awful service of a “pro company”), I give it a try in this forum.
I own Wavelab Elements LE7 (on CD from a magazine) and I have recently purchased the upgrade from LE7 to Elements 9.5.
LE7 is not installed in my current computer, as it is not working on the latest Mac OS anymore. When I try to activate Elements 9.5 it can’t find a licence to upgrade on, which is obvious. So the only way I found was to install LE7 again on my old MacBook and register the license in MySteinberg, which worked. But still I don’t have any option to transfer this license to my current computer.
So, does anybody know how to activate Elements 9.5 based on LE7?

Thank you!

transfer soft elicense:

also, I guess it’s too late now but the Installer Tool for Yosemite might have worked on the new OS.

Maybe too late now, but the actual software doesn’t need to be installed to activate the license - however it is a bit more complicated since Elements uses the soft e-License. What you can do now, is get a Steinberg USB-key and transfer the LE license from the old mac to it and then use the upgraded license on the new computer. You won’t be able to transfer the license from the USB-key again, though…

Thanks for your reply. Actually today the support answered my request and helped me.
The problem with the above mentioned solutions is, that the LE7 version from a magazine never had an activation code. Due to this fact it cannot be reactivated.
However for other persons having this problem: the Support helps to activate the LE7 and use it as base for the upgrade. It’s not possible to do it on your own.