WaveLab Elements 9 keeps crashing

My WaveLab Elements 9 keeps crashing with Windows 10. Problem with Sonnex DeNoiser seems to be the problem. Is there a fix? I would like to keep using it.

update: Even when the DeNoiser is not running the program crashes. I have been using it for 8 months on this laptop and the problem only started about a month ago.

Any ideas?

This is very little information to go on. When does WL crash? Can you link it to a certain action you do? Montage or Audio Editor? Etc…

No noticeable pattern. Sometimes when I hit Render, sometimes if I hit Stop Play, and other times also. A dialogue box comes up and says “WaveLabElements9_1_64.exe has stopped working” “A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available”. I have also had a dialogue box when Rendering (from Wavelab) that says that the Sonnex DeNoiser has a serious error and it can’t continue. I’ve tried removing the DeNoiser but that doesn’t seem to help.

Always Audio Editor. That’s all I us it for

Mm, well I’m afraid I don’t know, other than putting error reporting on and try to get a crash log, but I’m not sure if that’s available in WL Elements. Maybe PG can jump in…

I’m going to take my laptop to a tech guy. Maybe he can figure out the problem. If not it might be time to move to another program. I appreciate your reply though.

I have the same problem here, after loading Waves Plugins and trying to render or save, the program freezes.
I tried changing the buffer size and sample rates, I thought it might be a memory issue, but no error log is generated.
It’s terrible to have a customer siting next to me and having to excuse myself for the time lose.
I see many people have the same problem. Any suggestions?

I too am having that issue, just spent a hour on a mix & it crashed when I pressed ‘render’ hoping my auto save caught it smh