WaveLab Elements 9, nightmare, will not launch

Well the Steinberg web page promo says : " Now you can try WaveLab Elements 9 for 30 days without any limitations! No registration is required. Just download, install and enter the world of WaveLab. And the trial version runs without a USB-eLicenser. "

I downloaded and installed WaveLab Elements 9 Mac version.

I do have a USB-eLicenser for my many other Mac Steinberg products

but when i launch WaveLab Elements 9 it also launches my USB-eLicenser.

However, since i have no temporary activation numbers from the trial downloaded, WaveLab Elements 9 simply quits.

What’s that all about ???

Urgently required help please because i would really like to try this Steinberg programme and add it to my collection of Steinberg’s software.

Please help.

Somehow WaveLab Elements 9 is recognized by eLicenser Control Center.


although the trial period is for 30 days and eLicenser Control Center shows that when i launch WaveLab it warns me that it can only run for 2 hours +some minutes.

That’s very weird, because I also have an elicenser and had no trouble using the demo version of WL9 Elements. When I pull up the eLicenser Control Center, it does show both the demo and the paid version of WL 9 Elements, but they are not on the physical USB key; they show up as being on a “Soft eLicenser”, with a picture of a hard drive. I am also on a Mac, running El Cap.