Wavelab Elements 9 not seeing my Mackie MCU

Hi Just upgraded to elements 9 and have been trying to get it to work with my mackie mcu

So in preferences/remote devices i set the midi in/out but all other options are greyed out and there’s no response to any controls on the mcu i’ve attached a pic.

I also have Cubase Pro 9 and that works normally.

Any ideas?

many thanks

remote devices.jpg

have i got this wrong? i.e. does Wavelab actually work with mackie mcu?



Same here.


In WaveLab Pro 9 remote control via Maschine Jam (in generic MIDI remote mode) is working like a charm, but WaveLab Elements 9 is another story. I don’t have a clue about this inconsistency. Maybe some sort of bug or something…

Hi thanks for that info! So it seems something is wrong…a bug perhaps, it would be interesting to hear if anyone has an MCU working with Elements.