WaveLab Elements 9 on two computer.

Hi Guys .

I am considering buying WaveLab Elements 9 so I can get my head around it and learn further about audio analysis and audio mastering.
So I wondering if I can use it on my desktop at home and also on my laptop with one single license? Apparently it does not required dongle.

I already use another Steinberg products and use of dongle would not be a problem.

thank you

No, WL Elements does not require a dongle, but used that way it will be limited to one computer. But yeah, if you put the license on the USB-key you can install and use WL Elements on more than one device.

BTW, when transferred to the dongle, the license can not be transferred back to the Soft-Elicenser on a computer, so you will need to continue using the dongle. Can be important if you don’t want to travel with the dongle…

Not problem with that. Thanks for the information. I will buy WL Elements some point this weekend and transfer it to dongle.