Wavelab Elements 9 stopped workiing [SOLVED]

I was told by support that my Wavelab Elements 9 that no longer works, was due to a WIN 10 update in mid-November, and that it affected all Cubase products, and they were working on a solution. Never heard another word. I thought I should check the forum with 9.5 coming out. No where is their even one word about my issue, which from the support help ticket answer, I would have expected others to ask about the problem. WTH? Maybe because I only purchased a $100 item, or because I’m the only WIN 10 user, I didn’t get a solution and my Wavelab Elements 9 still doesn’t work. I even tried re-downloading and re-installing.
The good news is that I bought StudioOne 3 Pro, and found I could do everything I was doing with Wavelabs Elements 9. However, it still sucks that I can’t even sell my license online for this Steinberg Product, as I haven’t got a license number that works… even though I paid for one several years ago. Is there a solution???

OK. I found the answer and how to fix my WaveLab 9. I still like the way that Studio One works, but at least I have choices.

And what was the answer?