Wavelab Elements 9 support DDP?

Hi, I am a long time Cubase user, looking to switch away from outdated CD Architect 5.2 for mastering. The question is the topic really. Does Wavelab Elements 9 support DDP and functions such as subcoding ISRCs, CD text etc. Or do I need to go to the full version for these features?

Thanks for all advice.

No DDP rendering in WaveLab Elements, you would need the full version.

Thanks Justin, I note the mention of DDP in main program, but its absence in the Elements description wasn’t a clear negative.

This page might offer more info for you:

Thanks, that’s the page I was looking for. Wavelab would be a clear winner if I wanted all of the extras and it’s clear that Elements is too restrictive for my use, but since I just want to add DDP mastering to my setup, the price tag is on the high side. I’ll look at “HOFA CD burn and DDP” as a possible option for my particular purpose. Thanks once again.