Wavelab Elements not working with Steinberg CC121

I downloaded the Wavelab Elements 10.0.30 today after I read that it had resolved a previous issue with Steinberg CC121 and it was now working.

Sadly it didn’t work for me, I checked Wavelab//file//prefferences/remote devices and it reads up as activated there, but sadly my CC121 is not functioning.
Just the “Cubase Ready” blue light flashes but nothing else lights up or works as described.
My CC121 is still fully functional with Cubase Pro 10.5 so I think the drivers etc are all functional.

Does anyone else here have their CC121 working with Wavelab Elements? If so does your CC121 light up like it does on Cubase when you load up Wavelab Elements?

Many thanks

I have the same problem with Wavelab Pro, just can’t get it working despite having the latest versions Wavelab 10.5 etc I only recently installed the latest CC121 Tools and drivers. Works perfectly in Cubase 10.5. Does anyone know where you can check the CC121 ver no. ?

It works “out of the box” here.
See the selected settings for WaveLab Elements.

i believe that WL is only up to 10.0.40. FWIW

Sorry for reviving this forum post, but I have the same problem as the OP. On the picture that PG1 shows, I turned on the ‘Active’ box, and indeed I could set the ‘In-Port’ on the Steinberg CC121-1. However, the ‘Out-Port’ is greyed out, as well as the list below. I’m running the latest version of WaveLab Pro 10, and the latest version of the CC121 software.

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