Wavelab Elements plugins used in Cubase Pro 8

hi all,

i own cubase 8 (also 7.5,7,sx,etc), and i find absolutely ridiculous, yes, that’s the only word i can think of: ridiculous, that there is no proper spectrum analyser that comes with cubase. of course, Voxengo’s Span is free, but still, for a 600 euros audio workstation like Cubase pro 8, it’s absolutely ridiculous, that there is no native Spectrum analyser, that we could use as an insert, to see what’s going on. and no, i don’t want to use the Equalizer analyser.
the only spectrum analyser that comes with cubase is the little “toy”, with a 1995 interface, with a light blue color.

i don’t know who is gonna read this, but all the cubase pro owners: do you think it is normal, that there is no proper Spectrum analyer in cubase pro ? is it normal, is it acceptable ? no, i don’t think it is normal.

and why don’t Steinberg WANT US to have a proper Spectrum Analyser ? i mean, WE ARE PAYING full price for an application which main GOAL is dealing with AUDIO. EACH click, each menu, each function, each action we perform, WE ARE dealing with AUDIO. and to work with audio, IT IS JUST NORMAL that there is a proper tool, to SEE and ANALYSE that AUDIO. IT IS THE STRICT MINIMUM, having such tool.

Can you imagine working with a 3d images app, and not having a tool to display the 3d image in wireframe mode ? of course not.
CAN you imagine working with a video app, and not having a tool to adjust the contrast-brightness ? of course not.
it would be ridiculous, not having such tools, right ?

That’s why i repeat, it’s just ridiculous, not having a “from 2015” Spectrum Analyser, inside Cubase pro, that we would insert , ex, in the master out, to see what we are hearing. HAving and needing such tool is JUST so logical, that i or other members shouldn’t be posting all this, and be seen as some “ugly duckling who isn’t never happy”. Such tool is normal, PERIOD.

but a few minutes ago, guess what ?
i JUST noticed, that, as a simple matter of fact, there are some excellent spectrum analyser tools that come with WAVELAB. not wanting to be sarcastic, but i guess it must be an EXCEPTIONAL COINCIDENCE, that Cubase doesn’t come with a spectrum analyser or any other display plugin, and that WAVELAB has some fantastic tools for anything spectrum-audio 2d-3d analysis.
AGAIN, it must be such an EXCEPTIONAL COINCIDENCE, that i wouldn’t believe it, if one told me.

I’ve been silent during many many years, and i never dared calling the support, even when i had issues and bugs. i spent 1 hour, 1 day, one week, watching videos, tutorials, reading articles, forums, etc, until i have found a solution to my problems.

but i think today, it was time for me to start talking, and calling a dog, a dog.

i will try to be clear.
I want, please, that a Moderator or someone “superior” @ Steinberg, to reply to this question, and give a proper answer, that hopefully, many users will see, WHY, STEINBERG, WHY:

  • WHY A 600€ audio production tool like Cubase pro 8 doesn’t come with a PROPER 2d-3d audio analyser, or Spectrum analyser, even if it was just a simple tool with a simple interface as Voxengo Span. Why, in this professional and not cheap audio production app, there isn’t such tool as this famous 2d-3d Spectrum analyser , that, to my eyes, is AS important as a compressor plugin, or an equalizer. i would go as far as saying that a Spectrum Analyser is the most important tool anyone will use well before Eq’s, compressors, limiters, etc. It’s probably the 1st tool-plugin that people use, in a project.
    So why isn’t there such tool in cubase pro 8? why ?
    and we’re not talking about cubase elements. we’re talking about a full price complete audio production app.
    why, Steinberg, why ?

  • what are you going to do, regarding this problem? because yes, it is in deed a problem.
    are you going to develop a simple yet efficient little spectrum analyser, so we no longer have to rely on 3rd party tools ? are you going to take ONLY one of the wavelab analyser tools, and make it available in cubase ?
    Listen, Steinberg, i would even AGREE with paying 10 or 20 euros, just to have a --perfectly integrated cpu-light and totally resizeable-color profiles-decay time, slope, octave or spectrum modes— SPECTRUM ANALYSER inside cubase.
    again, i am ok with paying 10 or maybe 15-20 euros, just to have a simple but nice 2d spectrum analyser, in my cubase pro 8. and no, i don’t want to take that cash and buy a 3rd party tool. NO. i want a Steinberg cpu-efficient resizeable Spectrum analyser, totally integrated and optimized to Cubase audio engine.
    Again, i ask the question: what are you going to do regarding this problem ?

    i’d really appreciate having a correct and positive answer from Steinberg. Thanks.

    as you all noticed, i didn’t even mention the fact that if there is no Spectrum analyser in cubase pro, it’s because there are that kind of tools in Wavelab, and Steinberg would be happy if people purchased a nice WAVELAB version, just to have those tools. and no, i won’t talk about it, don’t want people to come and talk about conspiracy.

in advance, Steinberg, thank you for your answer. Please, before answering, try to imagine yourselves at the place-office-studio of the eventual 20’000 - 30’000+ cubase users, and try to imagine HOW important having a Spectrum Analyser in cubase it would be / IS.

i have a question about Wavelab, more precisely, Wavelab elements.
Let’s admit i purchase Wavelab elements 8,5 (i don’t and will never need the more advanced tools of the more expensive 8.5 full version).
WILL i BE able to use the plugins that come with WAVELAB ELEMENTS, inside my cubase pro 8?
will i be able to use the analysis tools that come with Wavelab, like the 2d-3d spectrum analysers, etc, DIRECTLY inside cubase pro 8, ex, an an insert,in a channel ? are those analysis tools in wavelab, simple vst plugins ?
Because if i can , ex, use a 2d-3d spectrum analyser tool as an insert in cubase pro 8, i would almost be OK with purchasing wavelab elements 8.5.

And how does wavelab works, with cubase ?
can we set cubase to use wavelab as the main audio editor, so anytime i click on an audio file-element, in cubase, instead of opening the sample editor, it will open the sample directly inside wavelab… does it work that way ?

and is wavelab working with cubase in the “same” way as the old windows OLE objects, like mspaint, wordpad, etc, where an external app could “call” the OLE object, like wordpad, and it would update any changes in the opened instances ?
i ask this, to know if when i double click in an audio element, in cubase, and it opens wavelab, and wavelab opens that wav-whatever audio file, if i make some changes in cubase, will those changes appear in the wavelab opened file, or, the other way, if i’m un cubase, double click on an audio event, wavelab opens that audio file, if i have both windows open, side by side, whatever i do in one app, it will “sync” with the other app, and update all changes… ? that’s why i was talking about OLE object(that turned Dcom later, i think… then, something else).
and what if i edit 2 audio files in cubase ? will it open the instances of wavelab, or a single instance, but 2 different files ? regarding the Elements “3 tracks limitation”, does it influence what we will be able to do, regarding clicking in the audio file in cubase, have it sent to wavelab, for edition, have it updated in cubase, etc etc… what would the limitations be ?

sorry for this long post, thanks for reading, and thanks for the answers.


I own the full versions of Cubase 7.5 and WaveLab 8.5.

Out of curiosity I just copied the WaveLab 8.5 Plugins folder into Program Files\Common Files\VST3 to see if the WL plugins would work in Cubase.

It wasn’t pretty:

  • Some of the WL plugins crashed upon attempting to open them in Cubase.
  • Some opened, but had unusable UIs. (None of the on-screen controls were there, or were in the wrong places.)
  • Some appeared to open okay (the Sonnox plugins) but I didn’t try to actually use them.

Anyway, most of the WaveLab plugins I tried to open in Cubase either didn’t work at all or were totally unusable due to UI issues. I also have a WaveLab Elements license and this behavior is very different from what happens when you try to open a WaveLab Pro plugin in WaveLab Elements- instead of a bunch of crashes and crazy plugin UIs, you get a message saying you’re not licensed to use that plugin.

Even if they did work, though, I don’t think it would suit your needs, since the WaveLab analysis features are part of the application, not plugins.