Wavelab Elements Process in place

I am seeing something I don’t understand in Wavelab Elements.

Working on a 32bit float file with a number of active plug-ins I switch them all off with the exception of only the Sonnox Declicker and do Render --> Process in Place

However, once complete the overall level of the recording increases.

Is that normal?

Or should I somehow be using the Trim Output box to adjust the level, and if so is there a way to calculate the amount required to preserve existing levels?

Hello, look at the Sonnox meter, adjust the level by click+drag the numeric tab at the bottom of the meter. Be sure the other plugs are off with the I/O button.

Thanks for the click-drag tip, I didn’t realise that was possible.

But I still don’t really get what is going on inside the plug-in; if the input and output trims are both set to 0db, where does the increase in levels come from? You would have thought if anything there would be a net loss given the plug-in is designed to remove audio content.

Is there something fundamental I am missing in the way this works or should be used, for example is it better to boost or attenuate input levels, and then reverse it at the output stage?