Wavelab Elements with Voicemeeter

I have been trying to use Voicemeeter Asio as input/output but when I choose it in preferences I get no input and am unable to play any previously recorded files. I am using VM-VAIO 1 and VM-Vaio 2 which was recommended on Voicemeeter forum.
Previously I had been using my soundcard SoundblasterX AE-5 Asio in/out and that was working fine. I have spent a lot of time(which I have right now!) trying to make this work but with no success.
My reason for using Voicemeeter is to record other inputs not available thru the soundcard.

Is there anyone that has had any success using Voicemeeter or am I wasting my timeā€¦

Hello, I had better results in Elements with Asio4all, I suggest you try it

Thank you markino! Asio4All works perfectly.