Wavelab Elements

I want to take advantage of the current discount on Wavelab Elements but I’m not sure if it’s worth the money. I’ve used the trial version a few times but really don’t see that it offers much more than what my copy of Cubase Artist 9.5 provides. Why would I get wavelab? Thanks.

Well, for one thing, in WL Elements you can create an Audio Montage of several audio files, insert a couple of plugins to each file if they need processing, such as some EQ, render the montage and burn it to CD.

Works for me, and I think it’s worth the money :slight_smile: .


I agree with Mauri, WLE is a great tool to compliment any work performed in Cubase. You do know that you can export a track or a track section to WLE and send it back to Cubase? This is a good feature as there are many editing features in WLE that are not found in Cubase. The CD burn and Audio Montage feature, as Mauri says, is clearly not found in Cubase.

Now, if you said that you find the features in WLE a bit difficult to learn (particularly if Cubase is all you know), then I would understand and even agree with you. Initially it is difficult to get your head around the operation of WL because it is quite unlike Cubase, but I say jump in and expand your horizons. There’s a lot here, I’m sure you have only scratched the surface.