Wavelab Essential 6

Hi i purchased a new Laptop with Windows 10 and wanted to put my Wavelab Essentials 6 (windows 7 download version from non supported download page) but I cant seem to get anything activated and nothing shows up on my elicensers… I have no idea what the problem is or where to start to get this solved… Can i still use that program since i bought it years ago or whats going on?? anyone have any idea or suggestions?? thanks

Don’t feel bad. Even though I use WaveLab Pro for my normal work which has the physical USB dongle, I keep a copy of Elements on my laptop so I can use some basic features without having to carry a USB dongle now and then.

Anyway, I was trying to transfer my Elements license from my old laptop to the new one the other day and after spending 30 minutes and getting nowhere, I’m about ready to just buy a new Elements license and be done with it because the process is incredibly convoluted if it’s even possible at all.

Good luck!

You need to reactivate the license on the new computer. But I agree the whole process could be more simple.

Thanks. That page led me to a solution to get a soft eLicenser number to appear in the app which was not before, but the process is still a total disaster in that it’s only letting me transfer a WaveLab 9.5 Elements license to the new machine and not my more recent Elements 11 license.

The new licensing system can’t come soon enough, or be any worse.

My issue was solved by the US Steinberg/Yamaha support and was not something I could have resolved on my own.

Usually for licensing issues it’s best to contact the Steinberg/Yamaha support in your region/country.

I sent them an email lets see if it works out… Probably NOTTTTT lol

Steinberg doesnt provide any support regarding Wavelab Essential 6 anymore so I can only help solve the problem through the forum here…