Wavelab Essentials 6 Won't Re-Activate?

I’ve been using Wavelab Essentials 6 on Windows 7 32 bit for several years.

I just wiped my C drive and installed Windows 7 64 bit. Now my copy of Wavelab Essentials 6 won’t authorize or activate.

The kicker is that Steinberg support wrote back and said they have no record of me or my Wavelab Essential 6 in their database, and they want me to prove I actually purchased it.

I didn’t keep records back that far. I’ve checked every email address I have and each time Steinberg says they have no record of any of my email addresses.

If they have no record of any of my email addresses, how the hell did I authorize it and activate the first time on Windows 7 32 bit?

So what they are really saying is…I’m just screwed?

Are you using the latest Essentials 6 installer and latest elicenser software?

The manual on the download page says the original installer was on CD. Was there an activation code along with your CD?

The manual also says the program will run 30 days without activation.