Wavelab FLAC Metadata Not Readable in NI Traktor

PG, I don’t know if a support case was filed on this, but there was a thread in the German forum about NI Traktor not being able to read FLAC metadata from Wavelab FLAC, and only Wavelab FLAC. All other program’s FLAC metadata were fine in Traktor. The odd thing is that Wavelab FLAC metadata is readable in all other programs. Just not Traktor.

I only master these days, but a colleague I work closely with runs a ton of NI stuff in a production based environment … including TRAKTOR.

It happens that we were talking about this the other day and I believe it is the case that the metadata sync feature has been removed from TRAKTOR PRO 2. Maybe there was a good reason for that.

As far as I am aware, WL writes the metadata in accordance with the standard (and as you say other programs read this with no challenges). I can say the NI has been traced as the cause of at least two very serious system crashes over the past 12 months on what is otherwise a rock solid PT based system. So the fact that NI couldn’t reliably read properly located metadata does not come as a complete surprise.

Then that sounds as a Traktor issue. Traktor should analyse the problem, and optionally come back to me.