Wavelab is crashing when I try to open a montage

Each time I try to open Wavelab10.0.50 (MAC OSX 10.14.6) - it crashes.
Nothing in the master section.
Seems as though I can open a montage by double clicking on the montage file from Finder but if I open from the montage window CRASH. Even just clicking open from the file menu causes the crash. Started just after trying to open a corrupt audio file this morning a client sent.

Never had this happen before.
I’m guessing reinstallation is the ticket but want to make sure I don’t wipe out any of my master section presets my render presets etc.

I tried to attach the crash log but the forum says its too many characters.

You can erase all your settings but the folder called “Presets”.
BTW, the current version is 10.0.70