Wavelab is taking longer and longer to open

It seem to take WL 11 an inordinate amount of time to open. Sometimes as much as a minute. Is there some reason that this is happening? It has gotten worse over the past few weeks. I am on a PC running Windows 10 Pro with all the updates. Thanks in advance.

The only case I am aware: WaveLab is or was connected to some network drive. Whether the network drive is slow or unavailable. In the later case, there is a timeout taking place.

Thanks for the response. I am not using any network drives for mastering. Other causes?

License verification

You are probably correct. This “new” licensing setup is such a mess. It seems as if the people at Steinberg did not take the time to properly implement this before putting it out. Any suggestions on how to improve the load time???

When I first open WL in the morning it an take up to a minute to open. Subsequently it takes about 30 second to load. It never use to take that long. CONFUSED!!!

I am guessing what you are seeing is checking licenses>switching to SAM>logging in>etc and this process seems unpredictable.

For me, the thing about the license issue is that it ‘feels’ unstable. I’m kinda waiting for another problem. This is in stark contrast to WL itself which ‘feels’ and is totally rock solid … arguably the most stable and ‘best feeling’ WL to date.

I agree with you that this is probably the “most stable” WL to date. Everytime I see WL “checking for licenses” it gives me an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. I have left my dongles in place “just in case”.

When I open the “recent files” window it also takes a long time to “populate” which is very new. Normally it opens the window instantaneously. Are my preferences messed up?

I was told that the next update to the Steinberg Activation Manager (1.4.1) should improve this. I don’t know when this update is due.