WaveLab is Toxic to Cubase

Installing WaveLab causes the permanent Cubase mp3 exporter to be over-written by a temporary (20 use only) DEMO mp3 exporter. Why is there a temporary demo mp3 module in the for-pay version of WaveLab? Good question!

After 20 mp3 exports, WaveLab stops making mp3s and so does Cubase. The error message comes equipped with a clever marketing message that invites us to purchase a replacement mp3 module.

When we install the new mp3 module ($16) it does nothing. Nothing is installed and neither program is repaired. No read me file. No instructions. Not even a one-page PDF. No “activation key.”


After a dozen emails I finally got a Yamaha tech to agree to call me back after aother one-week wait.

We call software that is toxic and disables the operation of other software a virus, right?

Even worse . . . the reason I purchased WaveLab is for the multi-band compressor. As it turns out, the compressor is NOT in WaveLab so that purchase was both costly and destroyed an important part of my (until WaveLab) perfectly working Cubase system.

Color me unhappy!

Never heard about that. Maybe you have installed a WaveLab Elements demo?

No. I bought WaveLab Elements fair and square. I installed it. It wiped out the mp3 exporter in Cubase. WaveLab is Toxic to Cubase.