Wavelab keeps crashing

Oh ok, interesting.
For my knowledge, how can i see this in the log file, does it require a specific software to read the file?
What can I share with Kazrog, the developer so they can investigate and see what’s the issue?
Metric AB: same question, what can i share with ADPTR, the developer?

They are to me pretty industry standard plugins, as Wabelab is a standard software, so i’m quite surprise nobody reported it / this has been fixed.

Wavelab Pro 11 keeps crashing. Was working fine for a few weeks, then since last night, regular crashes. Recent crash report :
WaveLab Pro 11-2023-01-28-173615.ips (46.5 KB)
Monterey 12.6.3
Is there anyone who can help me? thanks

First thing you should try is to update WaveLab to the current version, you are 11.0.30 while the current version is 11.1.20.

Okay, thanks

Updated WL 11, and crashed again in a few minutes.

WaveLab Pro 11-2023-01-28-210323.ips (47.4 KB)
Can you see anything in the crash report? I don’t know how to read this crash report… thanks

No, unfortunately. The crash happens because “something” did some wrong “earlier”, and the crash is a consequence of this. Some memory corruption, apparently.
Since you say, “was working fine for a few weeks”, I guess something new was introduced. Probably some plugin?

Okay, will get rid of some plugins and see how I go. Thanks for your help

I was also experiencing crashes with Wavelab using Kclip3. The default offline render setting for this plugin is 32x oversampling. I set this to the same as playback oversampling at 2x and the crashes stopped.

Kclip3 seems to work ok for me on any offline oversampling rate between 2x and 16x, just not the 32x.

Hope this helps you track down the issues. (btw I’m running the Intel version on Ventura)

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KClip developer here…

Thanks for sharing this workaround @compuphonic !

While KClip 3.5.1 has largely resolved issues that users were experiencing with the plugin in Wavelab, there are still issues (mainly affecting Montage) that we are investigating further. We have also invited a few more Wavelab daily-drivers to our beta team, as we’d like to ensure a better experience in Wavelab going forward.

Thanks for your patience and understanding! :sunglasses:

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Thank you @compuphonic and @Kazrog for helping here.

  1. So I deleted both VST 2 and VST 3 Kclip plugins, as recommended by the developer Kazrog.
  2. Reinstalled the latest version
  3. Opened Wavelab & inserted it
  4. Change the offline oversampling

And no crash so far, let’s see.

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Wavelab still keeps crashing, upgraded, deleted plugins. I seem to be having problems since I upgraded to Monterey 12.6.3. Here’s the crash report, can anyone help me? thanks
WaveLab Pro 11-2023-02-03-005827.ips (45.6 KB)

Are these options checked? If yes, uncheck them. I think this is the problem revealed by the crash log.

thank you, I unchecked the snap to waveform…as it was checked, see how I go.
much appreciate your help