Wavelab LE 8 with the CI1


I am using Wavelab LE 8 with the Steinberg CI1. I am recording a Korg electric piano through the audio interface.

Everything is fine EXCEPTwhen I press record in wavelab, the keyboard sound distorts quite noticeably through my headphones. It doesn’t distort when the program is just running, but as soon as I hit “record” distortion occurs until i press the “STOP RECORDING” button.

The strange thing is when I play back the recording it sounds fine (so a normal piano sound was recorded with no distortion).

The only distortion that happens is through my headphones DURING the act of recording the song.

Strange…does anyone know what is causing this and a solution please?


I’ve found the answer, just twist the input/daw knob towards input.

You’re hearing the sound twice - once from the keyboard and another time from the ‘monitor’ function during recording. Check your VST connections and disable this live output. Not at the computer now, so I don’t have the correct terms used at hand…