WaveLab LE 9 Totally Unusable on Windows 10

I have tried Wavelab LE on three computers, my main workstation, a laptop and a virtual machine.

I have installed WaveLab LE 9 successfully on all three successfully, using the autoupdate on one and using the standard WaveLab_LE_9.0.25_Installer the anothers. In other words I have tested versions 9.0.25 and 9.0.30.

All three machines exhibit the exact same behaviour, after starting the WaveLabLE9_0_64.exe process, and either being prompted to continue or register, the process sits there running and continually eating up more and more RAM with no UI appearing or anything else apparent happening. Registering the product successfully makes no difference.

After the process launches, it swallows up as much as the system can allocate, and it then crashes.

I am very angry that a fresh install on a totally fresh machine (in the case of the VM) does not work out of the box. As a paying customer who is laughed at by peers for choosing to pay for a copy of WaveLab LE with limited functionality compared to their illegal pirated copies, that I am left with nothing to show for my money, except for having to waste my free time trying to get support from Steinberg.

I am totally dismayed at clear the lack of QA by Steinberg.

…and to compound this problem, even with my user account registered against my paid for serial number, there are no products listed to select to submit a support request to Steinberg. SO I am prevented from logging a formal support issue.

Unbelievably dreadful support.

Still no response…


Does anyone from Steinberg read this forum? Is it completely pointless???

Not sure it’s going to help but did you go through all the specific steps on pages 9 thru 11 here :

Maybe the license is hanging things up.

Thanks, but read third para in the OP

Heeeelllllllllooooooooooooo no existantttttttttt Steinberg suppoooooooooorrrrrrrrrrttttttttttt???

Sorry for the late answer. This is not the official support site for end licenses, it’s a site from users for users. We take a look at the Forum whenever we have the time, but the last days we have been pretty busy.
For official support, please use from now on the support form that you can find under Your MySteinberg Account → My Support: Sign in

Now, regarding this case, it’s pretty strange that all three machines show the same behaviour. So I would check the hardware drivers for compatibility with your current Operating System. If that doesn’t help, we need to continue troubleshooting the issue via MySteinberg independently.

Note: Just in case, please install the latest eLicenser Control Center separately as well, that you can download here: http://www.steinberg.net/en/company/technologies/elicenser.html

Thanks for responding Felipe, I am prevented from logging a support case because there are no products to select in the drop down on the page where incidents are logged, so I cannot submit a case that way. I think the is a real issue with your support site, as if there is a mistake there a genuine user cannot log a case.

Meanwhile, you suggest checking driver compatibility with current operating system. Your requirements show Windows 10 compatible but with no more specific information, so unless you can elaborate from your end, my systems meet your requirements.

I will try the newer eLicenser…

Well my first response to the November 21, 2016 version of eLicenser Control Center is that the installer very poorly written.

When installing the C++ pre-reqs, they are returning an exit code of 3010 which the bootstrap is interpreting as an error which is not correct - 3010 simply means installation successful but a reboot is needed to finalise the installation. This is very basic software packaging mistake and one that should not have got past any kind of QA.

You need to go back to your team who package this software including the MS C++ runtimes and advise them of their mistake…

see attached.

Installing the newer version of eLicenser has made no difference at all, the product still does not start.

However, I also do not appear to be able to download my license, it says it has already been used and I must contact my vendor for a new one???

How do I ‘deactivate’ the license so that it can be used on this machine?

Please note I have STILL not manager to run Wavelab and have been trying since 23rd November.

I have also very strange problem with my WaveLab LE9 I have a license in my account and I’ve installed latest update … Program launches but after loading a file I can’t actually play it at all when i hit play it’s stack and nothing happens program just hangs nothing responses and after a few seconds i can click on things … but i can’t make thins thing play nothing…

i was thinking about upgrading LE version but If I can’t get this version to work at all I have no trust in this product

try any or all of the following:

Close Cubase and any other audio programs.

Check VST Audio Connections for the audio device being used, and device output settings on the Playback tab. Try switching to another device like Windows MME if possible.

Try playing a different audio file. 44.1 if possible.