Wavelab LE M4A Import=CRASH

Hello all,

First of all, I would like to congradulate Steinberg on the nice 7.2.1 update. Visually and functionally impressive compared to 7.1.1. I couldn’t get the old version to do much of anything! Secondly, I’m not very happy that those of us that have purchased the CI interfaces cannot post in the Wavelab LE forum. At least that’s what support said. Kinda messed up, right?!

More to the point, I have been trying to import a M4A file, without success. If I either drag and drop or manually import through the File Browser, Wavelab looks like it’s making progress, but eventually crashes. I would just use Cubase since I’m merely trying to convert the file into something my Sony Walkman will play, but it doesn’t accept that format. Wavelab appears to, but does anyone know why it keeps failing?

Appreciate it,

Well it seems I fixed my own problem, but it was unfortunately the long way around. I simply opened Quicktime and then launched Wavelab. For some reason, I was then able to import my M4A file into Wavelab from its original file location. Maybe Wavelab is having a problem finding quicktime? If anyone knows an easier way around this feel free to share.