Wavelab M1 Native

Just total curiosity, but I’m wondering when/if Wavelab Pro will be running native on M1 Silicon macs vs. through Rosetta 2. This isn’t a ploy to pressure, because I realize this is not an easy task, but it would be fun to see how fast rendering times might be when running natively.

It runs fine under Rosetta 2 for the past 6 months, so I’m thrilled with it.

BTW, if users are curious as to whether your apps are running natively on an M1 mac or through Rosetta 2, in Activity Monitor under the CPU tab, there’s an architecture column. “Intel” means the app is running inside Rosetta 2, while “Apple” is M1 Silicon Native.

This will come, but not this year.

Thanks! Even until then, Rosetta 2 is doing a great job with the Intel version for now. As for performance, it’s roughly the same on the M1 as my Intel 2020/2018 Mac-mini with the 3.2Ghz iCore7 (6-core) with an eGPU. However, if I don’t use the eGPU on the legacy 2020/2018 mini, the M1 blows it away.

How’s plugin compatibility under Rosetta?