WaveLab markers & 2 GB wav file

I’m working on many files from field recording and one of them is more than 2 GB in size. All files have simple markers stored from WaveLab Pro 11. All files are about 50 minutes long (less than 1 GB each), but one file is more than 2 hours, therefore more than 2 GB. So this big file opened with SpectraLayers Elements 9 doesn’t have markers opened even they are stored in WaveLab. All other files opened with markers. I reopen that long file in WaveLab - all markers are there.

P.S. It would be nice to have marker titles (text) in SpectraLayers.

SL is supposed to display the marker name as well. Markers can be a little non-standard, different apps can have slightly different way of reading/writing them. I’ll check what happens here.

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