Wavelab Master Section resetting itself

PG, I know Justin has already mentioned this to you, but I wanted to post it here in case others experience this as well…

A couple of times now I’ve had the Master Section completely reset itself, as in when I open a project, there is nothing in the Master Section anymore. I only use the Master Section for my favorite analysis plugins in the Playback Processing section, and dither in the Final Effect/Dithering section. I’ve saved a preset so now when it happens, I can easily restore it, but it’s frustrating when it happens. Also, I can’t remember for sure, but I think when this happened yesterday, I also had to reselect my default custom Workspace Layout. So I think this may be another instance of Wavelab not reading or writing to the defaults properly. I know many of my issues have circled around this topic, so maybe I still haven’t solved it. Thanks for your help!

FWIW… For my last issue that was similar, the problem was that I had the sync settings enabled in the General Preferences, but I’ve since unchecked that box, and it hasn’t reset itself or anything.

That means a setting file was lost or damaged after quitting WaveLab the last time. Why, I don’t know.
Keep a Master Section preset to restore your favorite plugin settings.


This also happens to me in the Mac version (WL 11.1.20 build 62)… I thought it was user error. I haven’t figured out how and why it happens.

I only use the Master Section for Playback Processing plugins… This is the plugin: SampleGrabberV3-x64 for Flux Analyzer.

Sometimes when I reload WL it’s there, other times it’s not and I have to put it back in. It’s not a huge deal, but would be nice to know it’s always there with out thinking about it before going down the habit hole of why I am not getting my desired results in FLUX.

Paying closer attention, I’ve had a number of weird things happen when launching WaveLab today:

  1. Master Section Resets to Empty
  2. I get the start up prompt even though I have it set to open with the Empty Space, Master Section did NOT reset and contained Clarity M.
  3. The 4 montages that I had open when last quitting WaveLab were open when I launched WaveLab, Master Section did NOT reset and contained Clarity M.

I think we need better stability for what happens when WaveLab is quit and reopened as it seems a bit random.

This is not totally new, probably just underreported because it’s not a major issue and everybody probably just assumed it was something on their system.

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This is still happening for me. Like Justin, SampleGrabberV3-x64 for Flux Analyzer in the Playback Processing plugin slot. I seem to have to reinsert this guy a few times a week. Not a deal breaker, just makes me question reality.

Same here. I find myself having to re-add Clarity M to the Playback Processing slot. Sometimes when this happens, my custom layout is still in place, but other times when this happens, WaveLab also reverts to the Default Layout.

It would be nice if this never happened.