Wavelab master section stored presets Mac?

Decided to do the Catalina update now that all (or at least most of) the programs I work with seem to be working in Catalina.

I went for a clean install - first I cloned my old system though. Now I have been trying to import some of the old settings into the newly installed programs. I am having trouble with Wavelab 10. Previously, when I somehow lost e.g. the latest session, I managed to get it back from my Time Machine backup (I think I found the correct file in the Cache directory).

So, a few questions:

I am always working in the audio editor view.

  • The latest session’s data - where and in which files is it stored?

  • Master section presets which I have saved - where can I find these?

It seems that I wrongly assumed that a saved project would also store the master section presets and plugin settings etc.

Well, I managed to get it all back.

I had to restart my Mac from the clone, open Wavelab 10 (Last project). Then using Finder I navigated to the Library…Preferences folder and copied the Wavelab Pro 10.0 directory on a USB stick. I had tried this same thing quite a few times when I started my computer directly into Catalina, opened the Clone disk in Finder and copied the same directory to the Catalina hard disk but it did not work for one reason or the other.

The Master Section presets are located in Presets…Master Section presets folder.

I don’t know which of the files contain the Last project settings.

I know this doesn’t help you but I see this happen ALL the time, and it’s why I think the global master section is really not a great design. It’s asking for trouble, either short term, or long term because you have to basically manually load and save each setting separately with the file, and manage where things are stored. It’s a huge potential for something to go wrong somewhere.

Even when only working with a single file, I definitely always work in the montage where:

A) Nothing is destructive.

B) ALL settings, plugins, etc. are safely stored in the .mon file for 100% total recall without failure.

Maybe it’s just me but I think the global master section is a recipe for disaster, or at least minor annoyance, so I’ve developed a workflow where the global master section is never needed except for hosting my Playback Processing plugin (Clarity M), so I can basically hide the global master section and never have to look at it or manage it, which also frees up some screen space. Never lost a setting this way :slight_smile:

End Rant.

Unfortunately I cannot replace the master section with the montage output section, because the latter only handles stereo plugins regardless of the number of channels in the montage. I am looking forward eagerly to the update which will change that and revolutionise my use of this great program!