Wavelab messed up some of Cubase's plugins


I’ve installed Wavelab Elements on the Valentines Day sale, but ended up not getting it so I uninstalled it…but it messed up with some of Cubase’s plugins like Stereo and Mono Delays, which I use a lot. Since them, I can’t launch any of those.

Please take a look at this screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/hH8SanR.png

Seems like Wavelab took over some of the plugins. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled everything and no luck.



Bumping. Still have the problem after reinstalling everything Steinberg. Last resort is to format Windows, which would be ridiculous.

Have you tried using the ‘Update’ and ‘Update Plug-in Information’ buttons on that page in Cubase?


Hello diogo_cme,

the path shown in the picture for the WaveLab plug-ins is C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3.
The Plug-in Set file is specific to the WaveLab installation and should be in the WaveLab Program folder, not in common.
This way, Cubase will have access to both the WaveLab plug-in Set and the Cubase plug-ins Set, which could cause problems and is not supported.


I installed/uninstalled using default locations. What should I do now?