Wavelab metering monitoring point

The monitoring in wavelab is second to none, but sadly totally let down by the fixed monitoring point.

Why would anyone want their metering monitoring point to be post playback plugins and not pre playback plugins?

I just don’t get it, i want to see the level of the files i am going to generate and not see the level of the files i am listening to which will not reflect the generated file.


I agree this is a weakness to remove in the future.

Absolutely agree here.

OK, please explain this post? I am not sure I am reading this correctly, especially when PG signs off on it.

Post means ‘after’, so the monitoring - i.e. listening and generated files for saving/burning - are after the plugins. Why is this wrong? Obviously I want to hear what I have done to a file before I commit it. Ha, I clearly must be an idiot. :confused:

There are some plugins that you can insert in the “post processing” insert slot. Things such as room EQ correction or maybe an encoder checker.

Sometimes you don’t want the metering to be affected by these inserts because they are not actually on the rendered file. This is especially true for something like a room/speaker correction EQ such as Sonarworks.

Precisely. You want to monitor what’s going into the final output file and sometimes not what you are listening to as you may have made some compensations for your listening environment.

Sorry for my description of the issue, i realise it wasn’t the greatest piece of english literature.
Thank you to Mr Soundman & Justin P for explaining it so eloquently.


Hi PG,
I am using Wavelab from the day it was born.
First of all, congratulations for the great new version.
I’d like to request, this future you are talking about, to be as near as possible because is very important for my workflow (and note only mine) to have the ability to use my room correction plugin without affecting the metering.
It is absolutely neccesery.

Thanks in advance
Nikolaos P.

Until then, I could use alternatively a software called Audio Hijack in which you can host plugins directly to the soundcard’s main monitor outputs. But it introduce some latency which I’m not sure if it will affect my mastering chain in wavelab, in a negative way.

Yeah, since i purchased ARC2 i have been unable to use wavelab for mastering because of this issue. But i managed to use the metering by having wavelab on a different machine with the ‘Input’ button enabled. But this appears to have been removed in V9??



But i managed to use the metering by having wavelab on a different machine with the ‘Input’ button enabled. But this appears to have been removed in V9??

check this thread

regards S-EH

Ah, OK, I understand somewhat better. Thank you, all.

…So when PG says he will correct this, he is saying that he will do what? Create a special bus or something? Was this on previous versions of WL?

Ha, sorry to be so naïve but I obviously don’t use room correction software … nor, apparently, was I hip enough to understand that there was a monitoring process that did not get rendered. :confused:

My guess would be a simple setting by the other meter settings to have metering be before or after the post-processing section.

If i understand this correctly, the question is to have a metering point before processing, right?
I guess you can insert in the first slot a metering plug-in (from Waves, Melda, iZotope, etc) and “measure” the wavefile prior to all the other processors.
Then you can use WL9 metering to “see” what the virtual processors inserted in the next slots are doing.
And in the Final Effects / dithering slot you can also insert another metering plug-in to take a “third” metering option to what is your plugins / virtual processors doing to your file. This way you can have a “final” metering option to see if WL9 metering is right or not.
And also, in that section you can put a correction EQ for the room (like ARC), that does not get in your processing chain, only will serve the purpose of letting you hear the “correct audio in your room”.
Only be aware that you have to desable it before rendering the file, otherwise it will be processed too.
Hope you can understand my english :slight_smile:.
All the best to U guys

I raised this issue almost 2 years ago already and the fact WL9 still behaves the way it does is very disappointing…

hi Johnny B,

Thank you for this.

This is truly disappointing that this fixed/change has been requested for so long and still hasn’t been addressed, for those of us that use room EQ correction it renders Wavelab virtually useless for mastering when accurate metering is required during room compensated playback.

My workaround has always been since before we had post processing was to have WL on a separate machine just for metering. With the mastering done in Nuendo.



So the solution seems to be very simple: Record in Wavelab (it has those new automation features) and master in Cubase, which has that terrific Control Room!

Well, another year passed (I reported the problem 16.7.2014), we have even WaveLab 9.1 now and this metering issue is still not addressed at all!
I really like the changes being made to WaveLab over last years nevertheless this is a huge fail, come on…

This will come for sure.

Could you elaborate a bit more? I’m about to get DRC software and when inserted it will mess up the metering now.
When will it be done? any time soon or?