Wavelab monitor section - Room Correction VST Insert

Is anyone aware if there is an insert point in the Master/Monitoring section to insert room correction VST plugins (i.e. ARC2 or Sonarworks) at the speaker selection point?

An insert point is available in Cubase Pro 9.5’s monitor section. If it not available in Wavelab Pro9, then this is an important design over site, a missing option that should be included in any update.
I use the IK Multimedia ARC 2 VST plugin with different presets for each speaker pair. In a mastering environment, rooms and speaker location are generally the variable for accurate monitoring. With these new correction tools available, Insert points before each speaker set is critical IMO.

Ange Civiero
The RubberRoom - Toronto, Canada

There is the “Playback” section in the Master Section, for this, where you can insert your plugin(s).

Yes, and as a bonus, the WaveLab metering is set to not be influenced by these room correction plugins so you can meter the actual audio that is processed, and not what you hear.

I don’t use the Playback Processing slots for room/headphones correction but I do insert the Clarity M plugin there so WaveLab can talk to my Clarity M meter and be aware of the transport starts/stops.