Wavelab Monitoring Route

Hi All,

I have a question about monitoring in Wavelab, I have search in manual but can’t find it, is that possible to monitoring the pre master insert with insert hardware already use?

The connection is like:
Soundcard output 1-2 = original wave file (in wave mode), or montage file with all montage insert & individual clip insert
Soundcard output 3-4 = processed file, including plugins and hardware insert:
Soundcard input 5-6 and output 5-6 = hardware insert

Any reply will be very appreciated.

Thank You.

This is not exactly as routing works in WaveLab.
In Options / Audio Streaming dialog, you can set:

  • Playback output, as you wish. But to toggle processing/non-processing, this is a switch on the Master Section inside WaveLab. This means, this is the same output (1-2 / 3-4) are the same, in your example.
  • For the Hardware Insert, this is in the same dialog, in the tab “External Gear”. To actually use the insert, insert the plugin “External Gear” in the Master Section.

Hi PG,
Thank You for replying, maybe my question is not really clear, sorry for my bad english, the setup I want is like :neutral_face: :

  1. Soundcard Output 1-2 have no processing from Master Section, to my custom monitor controller input 1.
  2. Soundcard Output 3-4 processed with Master Sextion, to my custom monitor controller input 2 and have variable dimmer.

I know about bypassing the Master Section, that’s what I do so far, but I need to monitoring and check the song before and after the processing (in Master Section both hardware insert and plugins) with the same volume as the original file in my monitoring.
That’s why the processed output (Soundcard Out 3-4) have a variable dimmer in the monitor controller input selector, so I can turn down the volume, and just use switch between input 1-2 and 3-4 in my monitor controller to check between original and processed file, with the same volume.

Is that possible?

Thank You.

No, this is not possible. There is only 1 playback output that you can define.

Hi PG,
OK, this is become problematic since I use EQ and Comp in the hardware insert, when I mastered completely ITB, I use hardware insert as a looping chain in first Master Section slot, and setting the Lynx mixer. Now I know what my wish for the next version of Wavelab…:slight_smile:

Thank You.

I am not sure to understand what is your need (why using Master Section bypass is not enough).

Hi PG,
because the volume is drop when bypass, I need to hear both the processed and unprocessed in one run with just a flick of switch, and the volume is still the same. It’s just how I work personally, that fit with my working situation, client, etc…:slight_smile: I found that my master result is better and faster when I work that way, and client is happier too, especially when the session is attended one.

Thank You.



In Master Section try with “Smart Bypass”

regards S-EH

I never used the external gear plugin, but couldn’t you take the external gear analog output and split that signal to go to your mixer, and then also to your actual external gear and back into WL, where plugins come after it to finish the chain?

Luck, Arjan

@ Arjan P, that means the hardware insert must be always in the first slot, not really what can be works here, beside the impedance output of the DA is change the sound, both to monitoring and also to the hardware input.

Thank You.