Wavelab monitoring route

Hi All,

I have a question about monitoring in Wavelab, I have search in manual but can’t find it, is that possible to monitoring the pre master insert with insert hardware already use?

The connection is like:
Soundcard output 1-2 = original wave file (in wave mode), or montage file with all montage insert & individual clip insert
Soundcard output 3-4 = processed file, including plugins and hardware insert:
Soundcard input 5-6 and output 5-6 = hardware insert

I also post the same topic in the Wavelab7 forum, I have both version 6 & 7, just hope someone can help me.

Any reply will be very appreciated.

Thank You.

Hi All, already answered by PG in the Wavelab 7 sub forum. here the link:


Thanx PG.