Wavelab not opening: Error [0000] Unkown Request

When I try to open Wavelab on my PC (Windows XP) I get a message saying ‘Error [0000] Unknown Request’. I thought it must be an issue with the eLisencer but this seems to be fine - I can open Wavelab on my Macbook Pro with it no problem. The port that the eLisencer is connected to also seems to be working fine. Any ideas what the problem might be?

WaveLab 7 has not been released for Windows XP, but you could run WaveLab 6 with your WaveLab 7 license on your Windows XP computer.

Thanks for the reply, Uwe, but now I’m really confused. I bought Wavelab 7 last year and it was running OK on my Windows XP, then I started getting this error message when I tried to open it a couple of months back.

Windows XP is not officially supported, but it works on a fesh Windows install. Now, Windows XP installations are often old, full of applications that are potential conflicts. This is certainly your case.

FWIW … We have found that the recipe for a happy and rock solid WL 7/XP combination includes:

XP Professional Service Pack 3, dedicated studio computer not connected to internet (no anti virus/firewall), essential audio programs only installed although Office seems to co habit successfully if you need that for admin purposes.

There is literally nothing else installed on this computer but audio programs and Office.

Works so well I’m afraid to loose the stability by chancing the move to Windows 7 (which we have on the desk ‘ready to install’ now for about a year).

YMMV. Good luck.