WaveLab Not Starting


WaveLab is asking for a “valid license”.

Dorico is working, so I don’t think it’s the dongle.

Any ideas?


Did you try running eLicenser as Administrator?

Thanx for the response!

I’ve done the maintenance procedure a few times, to no avail.

Is “running it as administrator”, the same as clicking on it and running it? I don’t know how to run it “as administrator”.

Thanx, again!

Right click the .exe file and chose run as administrator when the menu pops up on a PC not sure on a Mac.

I remember that, from my PC days, but I’m on a Mac. :slight_smile:

The blue light is on, but the eLicenser doesn’t show up in the control centre.

Also, Dorico seems to be on the “Soft” license.

I don’t know which blue light you are referring to. You mean on the USB key?
You mean the eLicense doesn’t show up in the control centre list? That usually means you don’t have a license! How did you license the software in the first place?

If you’re on a Mac I personally cannot help. I’d suggest you take a look at Steinberg.net support pages to troubleshoot the issue or contact Steinberg support.
Try this:

Did you activate the WL license? Or was this a working WL install already? In that case, does the WL license show in eLicenser Control Center?


Or was this a working WL install already?

Yes. I’ve done projects with it.

In that case, does the WL license show in eLicenser Control Center?


Is there a “Soft license” for WaveLab"? How can I get it?

While I’m at it, I’d better get one for Nuendo too.

There is no soft license for WL, nor for Nuendo - only for WL Elements and maybe some other Steinberg ‘elements’ versions.

If it was a working license that disappeared from the dongle, I think you need to contact Steinberg. But does the dongle show at all in the eLicense Control Center? If it doesn’t, it apparently is not recognized - try a different USB port or a non-USB3 one.

Yeah! It seems like the USB hub is close to the end of the road. WaveLab, Nuendo AND ProTools are working.

Thanx! :frowning:

You’re welcome. Good to hear it’s working.