WaveLab Pro 10 all users

Hi all,
I just noticed that WaveLab10 is installed as “User” instead of “All users” (like in WaveLab 9.5). Is it necessary to change and if how? What do you think about ?

I didn’t even notice that tbh - I don’t think it’s an issue.

Thank you.

I was really surprised that the Windows installer for WaveLab 10 Pro doesn’t have an “All Users” option. I run as an normal user, so install everything with an Administrator privileged user for all users. I can do this for all my other Steinberg software (Cubase Pro 10.5, Dorico Pro 3, Spectralayers Pro 6, the Absolute 4 collection) and it is possible for WaveLab Pro 9.5, but not 10.

Can this please be fixed as part of the next WaveLab patch release?

Since you say “I run as an normal user”, why do you need an “All Users” option?

If you have the access rights, you can use this option anyway:

I cannot install WaveLab 10 to run as my regular user. If I install logged on as an Administrator, the install is for that administrator user. If I run the installer as my normal user, then use the credentials of an Administrator user at the UAC prompt, again I install WaveLab 10 for the Administrator user.

The only way to install WaveLab 10 as my normal user is to elevate that user to an Administrator, run the 10.0 installer, run the 10.0.10 patch, then drop Administrator rights. This simply should not be needed.

To be clear, the problem I face is nothing to do with preferences - it is installing WaveLab 10 to run as an unprivileged user. On all other Steinberg software, including WaveLab Pro 9.5, I install for “All Users” using Administrator credentials. Why can this not be supported for WaveLab Pro 10?

I will forward your request to Steinberg’s installer person.

Thank you - that is helpful. Thank you too for all the valuable support, feedback and advice you give in this forum; it is greatly appreciated.


This ask should be standard for all software to comply with standard Windows Security. There should never be a scenario where WL (or any other app) ever installs itself ONLY as the actual logged on user. All this does is create massive confusion as the installation becomes bonded to the user that installed it - not the machine.

OR better yet - the installer should offer the option = “Install for the current user ONLY or ALL users”


What he said.

This is resolved in 10.0.20 full installer. Installing as an Administrator privileged user results in WaveLab being installed for all users. Thank you.