Wavelab Pro 10 Basic Audio CD Import problem

Wavelab Pro 10 is not recognising my brand new Pioneer BD-RW BDR-S09 DVD Drive. It works fine with Nero 2019 in Windows 10 Pro but not Wavelab “Pro“ 10 or 9.5!

Any help would be highly appreciated.


Are you on Mac or Windows?

If you’re on Mac I had the same thing myself with WL10.

If on Mac you have to open the CD Import dialog without a CD inserted in the DVD drive first. WL should see the drive then. After that you insert the DVD or CD. If you already have a CD in there before opening the CD import dialog WL will not see the DVD Drive.

Windows 10 Pro.

If a drive is not detected, that means the Gear ASPI driver is nor properly installed.

Here one can verify if a driver is properly installed:

Here you can execute the latest driver update:

It returns a page not found error. Have tried installing the driver already (after I read an older post). Made no difference.

The website and driver your refer to is also very old!

Please see attachment

I need a solution - this is supposed to be a professional piece of software currently selling on this very website for £329 (with £411 struck out implying this is some sort of promotional price) Phillipe and this is a widely available widely bought Pioneer Blu Ray DVD drive. Where is the Wavelab Pro 10 manual? The help section points to Wavelab Pro 9.5. Talk about a rushed release (I hear the marketing team screaming “get it out before Black Friday! Worry about the rest later! We need their money!”)

It showed the lack of care when the “page not found” came up! I bet you didn’t even check the links were still valid before you cut and pasted them from an old thread!

It is not acceptable to just point to an old website and expect some ancient set of drivers to magically work!

The manual is there:

For the dead URL, I have asked GEAR to provide the current link.

Sorry how will that help if the driver is old? The driver needs updating! If you can’t import a cd in a mastering program that’s a limiting factor!

The driver needs updating!

The driver is universal, and not relative to specific drives.
When a drive is not recognized, this is because there is a conflict on the computer, because of some other installed application.
The GEAR url was helping for this.

Thanks Phillippe. What would that be likely to be given that I can import from cd in Cubase Pro 10 and burn cds in Nero 2019?

I think the answer is in the dead URL I sent you. Unfortunately, I don’t have a copy. I hope to get feedback from GEAR.
Edit: I might have found some useful document. See the PDF there:

Still I have no solution to this problem

Is it an internal or external drive?

Internal and I am running Windows 10 64bit. Those drivers are for windows 7.

These drivers work fine on Windows 10.

Not in my case

If you have the chance, try this drive on a fresh system where no other cd application has been installed yet, apart WaveLab.

Phillippe, this is a brand new machine. It is not my job to beta test your software. If Cubase Pro 10 can import cds without problem I expect Wavelab Pro 9.5 or 10 to be able to do the same!

A mastering program that can’t burn the final product is a chocolate teapot as fas as I am concerned!