Wavelab pro 10 crash with uad mdw eq 5

i ran into the issue that wavelab pro 10 (10.0.4) crashes when using the UAD MDW EQ 5. i updated the uad software but that didn help.
the crash reports are attached


WaveLab Pro 10.0_2020-07-10-110401_Alexanders-MacBook-Air.crash (106 KB)
WaveLab Pro 10.0_2020-07-10-110446_Alexanders-MacBook-Air.crash (103 KB)
WaveLab Pro 10.0_2020-07-10-105517_Alexanders-MacBook-Air.crash (108 KB)

Deep crash in the plugin graphics. Send to the plugin manufacturer.

Done. Thanks

For me it reverses the image sometimes for that plugin in Wavelab 10…